Owner Spotlight: Princess & Her 4 Bettas

Owner Spotlight: Princess & Her 4 Bettas 1

I get a lot of emails, mostly about care questions, but it’s always great to meet and interact with people from all over the world. It’s been a while since we’ve had an owner spotlight, so when Princess reached out to me in an email, I was excited to feature her and her 4 beautiful bettas for everyone.

Her love for bettas has quickly progressed since her first one a few years back. Now they’re starting to take over her bedroom. Keep reading to find out more:

How many bettas do you have? What are their names and tail types?

I have four bettas. My first baby is Connor and he is a blue and red Veiltail. My second male is named Luther and he is also a Veiltail who is white. My two females are named Mushu and North. Mushu is a dark grey dumbo halfmoon betta and North is a pink and red Crowntail.

Is there any significance behind their names?

Connor, Luther and North (and my other fish/snails) are named after characters in my favorite video game Detroit become human.

Name one or two things you wish you knew sooner about betta care.

The first thing I wish I knew was that they needed a heater. My first betta Connor when I first got him was lethargic when he got home then a few days afterwards then I finally put a heater in there and he was just fine. Then the second thing was that females can live together. I thought I would have to have multiple tanks for multiple females.

Tell me a little bit about your habitat setups.

Connor lives in a 3.5-gallon habitat and has one corner with an assortment of fake plants. Then in the back he has a little “Play structure”, for lack of a better word, with multi-colored gravel. Luther is living in a bowl which is temporary with a play structure and pink gravel. Then my 10-gallon tank has blue, teal, and green gravel with multiple fake plants and a few decorations.

How long have you been keeping bettas? What caught your attention about them?

When I was 9-years old I got my first betta who I named Oscar. He was super pretty and I just loved them ever since. I’ve kept bettas for a few years now.

Do you have any big future plans coming up? A new tank or another betta?

For now, not really, but I will be upgrading Luther to a 3.5-gallon tank.

Where do you keep your tanks?

I keep all of my bettas tanks in my bedroom. Connor is on my bookshelf while my 10-gallon sits on my dresser. Lastly, Luther is on my nightstand.

Is there any specific product or group of products you’d recommend to others?

Topfin. I love their products and I wouldn’t recommend anything else.

What’s your favorite tail type, color or colors and why?

My favorite tail type is the Veiltail. Despite it often being seen “basic”, to me they are all different in their own way. My favorite color would have to be Grays, Whites, and Blacks because they seem so unique.

If you had unlimited money, what would be your dream setup?

My dream setup would be a 155-gallon tank with a bunch of female bettas from each tail type and tons of decor.

Thanks for participating Princess, and if anyone has a question for her, please leave it in the comments below!

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