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  • Dumbo Ear / Elephant Ear

    dumbo ear or elephant ear betta fish has a fantastic aesthetic due to its fins. Dumbo ear bettas have extra-large pectoral fins which resulting in these fins looking like elephant ears. These fins can be a matching color to the betta’s body or contrasting.

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  • Plakat / Short Fin

    Generally speaking the term Plakat betta is used to describe a short finned betta fish. The tail is short and round (sometimes going to a point) on the traditional Plakat.

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  • Feathertail Betta Fish

    The feathertail is very similar to the rosetail however there is even more excessive branching of the fin rays giving an extra ruffled appearance.

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  • Rosetail Betta Fish

    The rosetail is a beautiful variation of the halfmoon tail type. The appearance differs from halfmoon tails due to excessive branching on the rays of the fins which causes overlapping on the fins giving a rose like aesthetic.

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  • Half Sun Betta Fish

    The Half Sun tail type is a combination of the crowntail and halfmoon. This results in a large tail with a spread of 180 degrees plus with slight crowning between the fins rays and webbing. The Half Sun is a very rare fin type.

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  • Super Delta Betta Fish

    The super delta tail type is very similar to the delta tail type however when it is flared it extends further. A super delta tail will flare between 120 to 160 degrees – it does not reach the 180 degrees of a halfmoon tail.

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  • Over-Halfmoon Betta Fish

    Over-Halfmoon betta fish have similar fins to halfmoon bettas. The difference is that when flared the caudal fin will fan over 180 degrees creating a shape that is larger than half a circle.

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  • Spadetail Betta Fish

    Named because of the very clear spade like appearance of the caudal fin. The tail has a wide base which then narrows smoothly to a point.

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  • Double Tail Betta Fish

    A double tail betta will be recognize due to possessing two distinct tails which are separated to the base. Double tail betta fish also tend to have a larger dorsal fin.

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